Our budding musicians

Kindermusik class for ages 1 1/2 to 3 year olds,  celebrates the inquisitive, wide-eyed toddler who’s curious about everything and just can’t stop exploring! These engaging and flexible 30-45 minute classes acknowledge your child’s need to venture out on his own while maintaining the security and reassurance that only a nearby you can provide. Over the course, your child will listen to new sounds and rhythms, engage in instrument and prop play, and enjoy a fun and interactive story time, while you learn tips for weaving musical fun into the rest of the week. You’ll love watching your child blossom musically, developmentally, and socially while having the time of his life! Kindermusik home materials let you continue the learning and fun at home with books, CDs, instruments, and more.

Winter/Spring 2020 Curriculum

January 27 – May 1, 2020

No Classes March 23-27, 2020

Week #1-4: Choo-Choo with You: Oh, we are a traveling bunch now! We take the train, drive the car, bounce, clap, and play! Choo-chooin’ fast and slow, we find new ways to experience tempo in music and poetry. And before we head for home, we steam into the station and stop for a snuggle!

Week #5-7: Hop On, Let’s Go! We giddy-UP horsey and then head DOWNtown on the bus. We dance together in a circle and all fall down! So much fun together wondering about ways to move and sing waaa-ay up high and waaa-ay down low.

Week #8-10: Round and Round Together: Wagons and airplanes, boats and wheels, and instrument play and circle dances – we’re going round and round together laughing and discovering up and down, smooth and bumpy, and all the magic ways to learn while having fun.

Week #11-13: Two in a Boat: We’re both parents and adventure buddies for our children as we float down the river or traverse bumpy rapids in boats we imagine for ourselves. We explore the smoothness of legato and the bumpiness of staccato. Hang on for a fun ride while we make music together!