1. Please do not bring toys into the music classroom
  2. Please do not bring food/snacks into the music classroom
  3. Please read through our Illness policy (located at the bottom of this page) to ensure we maintain a safe learning environment for everyone.
  4. If your child becomes disruptive, please take your child from the classroom and  return when he/she is ready to participate
  5. Please use the link to cancel or reschedule any class. Miss Debbie will receive an email immediately regarding the change.
  6. Please refrain from ANY adult conversation during class.  Your child needs you to be engaged in each activity. Your child will value what you value and often learns most by observation
  7. If classes are cancelled due to instructor illness, you will receive an email regarding the cancellation.  Please be sure the email address you provided at the time of registration is accurate. Schedule adjustments to accommodate for the cancelled class will be available at your next scheduled class.
  8. If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather:
    1. You will receive a notice from that the class has been rescheduled to another day. Please know that it is my policy to extend the session into May using the same day and time of the original canceled class. If for some reason this doesn’t work for your schedule you are welcome to reschedule the cancelled & rescheduled class to a more suitable day.
    2. You will also receive an email from me through MailChimp letting you know that classes are canceled. I will ask for a confirmation only because I will worry that you didn’t get the message and come to class to only find there isn’t a class. A simple “got it” for a reply is sufficient.
  9. If it is necessary to bring siblings with you, please plan on them participating in class.
  10. All students must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver at all times.
  11. Please turn off all cell phones and otherelectronic equipment during class. If you feel that you cannot be “out-of-contact” for 45-60 minutes, please put your phone on vibrate and keep in your pocket.  Sounding cell phones and electronic equipment are highly distracting during class.  If you are needed during class, please take your child and quietly leave class to answer your phone, please wait to answer your phone until you have left the classroom.
  12. Unlimited make-up classes may be scheduled using this link. All make-up lessons must be completed within the semester that the missed classes occurred. 

Illness Policy

  • If your child is contagious, we would ask that you stay home so that your child can get the rest necessary to get well and that the illness is not spread to other families in the program.
  • Please keep your child at home until he/she has been without a fever or on medication for at least 24 hours.
  • We would define a child contagious if they have 1 or more of the following symptoms:
    • 1.  Fever
    • 2.  Vomiting
    • 3.  Diarrhea
    • 4. Excessively bad cough/congestion
    • 5.  Cough/congestion accompanied with fever
  • For any illness, please follow your doctor’s instructions about returning to class, (PLEASE let your doctor know that within any class there can be mothers who are expecting as well as newborns being brought to class with older siblings).
  • Should you have ANY questions, please contact the instructor who will guide you through the decision to attend class or stay at home.
  • Thank you for your cooperation in making our music & movement environment safe for everyone to attend.