Register for preschool piano

45-minutes of music making with loads of fun and learning. Children will learn:

  1. The keys on the piano
  2. The musical alphabet, both forwards (going up the piano) and backwards (going down the piano) as well as learning the musical alphabet in steps (going from one letter to the next or one key to the next) and skips (skipping a letter or key on the piano).
  3. Rhythm patterns by clapping, saying, or playing on a non-pitched instrument such as a drum or claves (rhythm sticks).
  4. High sounds and low sounds. Students will be able to identify aurally and visually patterns that go up, stay the same, or go down.
  5. Improvisation. Students will have opportunities to make-up music at the piano, using their own voices, or another pitched instruments such as a glockenspiel, dulcimer, or Ukulele.
  6. Singing. Developing each students singing voice is an integral part of developing the entire musician. Students will learn simple folk songs to sing and play on the piano, dulcimer, or ukulele.
  7. Using Piano Safari, students will learn to play piano by:
    1. rote – students watch and listen, then replicate patterns until they have learned the music.
    2. pre-staff – students will play pieces using finger numbers and rhythms printed on the page.
    3. intervalic reading – students will learn to play reading steps, unison (repeated notes), and skips.
    4. landmark note reading – finally, the students will learn 7 landmark  notes and will develop the ability to read all other notes from those 7.

2 options for preschool piano

  1. Private 45 minute lesson
    1. This is a one-on-one lesson which will give your buddy musician the attention and space to develop through the skills on his/her own.
    2. The family is responsible for the entire cost of a 45 minute private piano lesson.
  2. Group 60 minute lesson
    1. This is a small group of children (preferably 2, but not more than 3) that are about the same age and at the same development stage, while this option will provide less attention it does provide the safety of a group where all the activities will be shared.
    2. Each family will share the cost of a 60 minute private piano lesson.